Thursday, April 1, 2004

The LD on the TP...

tp_roll.jpgBen does the strangest thing whenever it's time to change the toilet paper on the toilet paper roll... he will get the new roll of TP & place it either on the counter or on the actual toilet paper holder. By no means does it even cross his mind to take the empty toilet paper cardboard roll off of the holder, place it in the trash can sitting directly under the holder & replacing it with the new roll of TP.

This is the strangest phenomenon I've ever heard of (being the perfectionist that I am & thinking that everyone should do things exactly like I would do them). I realize that Ben isn't the only person in the world who does this because one of my college roommates (Lacey Lukasiewicz) also did this & it drove me crazy then too!
There are also other funny things that Ben does (i.e. leaving the cruise control on ALL the time, not adjusting the steering wheel back to the upright position when he gets out of the car so that I can barely squeeze in when I drive, throwing things on the floor after I've spent hours cleaning our apt., managing to get crumbs or food remains on every single counter in our kitchen while making a sandwich, etc.) As you can see, I haven't spent much time pondering on all these funny little things that make Ben the carefree male that he is:) You just have to learn to laugh @ all these crazy little quirks' & realize that if you married someone exactly like you, life would be very boring.

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