Friday, March 23, 2007

She's Mine

On our way back from Oklahoma on Sunday, we stopped at a McDonald's for dinner. I ran inside to use the restroom while Monica walked Cali around outside. When I got back in the car, Monica told me a guy hit on her while I was in the restroom. Basically, he just said, "Hey,"? in an inquisitive way that men do to check out women are interested (yes, men still think "hollering"? at women works). Monica said, "Hi,"? and just kept walking, although she could tell he was still looking at her and Cali as they walked away.

I get a little frustrated with stuff like this, because I already know my wife is beautiful, and I don't need random guys to remind me. Usually I just let it go, but this time I wanted to do something a little different. I saw this guy and his buddy pulling around us while we sat in the drive-thru and I knew he had to try to check out Monica one last time. So, as soon as he pulled around I simply waved to him . . . and he waved back! It was pretty funny, and I hope he knows he was busted. Yep, I pretty much told him to find some other McDonald's to hit on married women. I'm sure he didn't care, but I did. Maybe someday he’ll develop enough confidence to approach women as people, and not objects!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

We Should Be Ashamed!

Anna Nicole Smith—one name, three words, constantly on the news. More famous in death than in life, we celebrate her contributions to the shameless world of our entertainment industry. We watch the saga of her death, burial, and her media resurrection. We are somehow delighted that such a famous person had such an estranged relationship with her family. We eat up the “who’s the baby’s daddy” world-wide search, acting like paternity tests don't work anymore. How many guys did she sleep with that could hold this claim? Maury does paternity tests revelations regularly on his show, so how hard could it be to do process of elimination.

I don’t understand this fascination with a seemingly immoral person. Maybe it is because she embodied the problems of the sex-focused culture we live in, like Marilyn Monroe, her idol. While good people die that work in the world for positive change, we are focused on a person who was portrayed as a sexual drug-ingesting goddess (sorry to pass judgment). Oh yeah, there is still a war going on! But even more important, Britney Spears is losing control and shaving her head.

By the way, we are still trying to figure out Monroe's death—makes you wonder how long we will have to live with this.