Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Road Trip to OK

This weekend we ventured on Cali’s longest road trip yet to Oklahoma. While we were there our good friend/professional photographer took some family pics of us - thanks Judson!

Our main purpose for the weekend was to attend Grant & Vanessa’s wedding which was beautiful. Vanessa looked astonishing in one of the prettiest wedding dresses I’ve ever seen. The only thing that didn’t go off smoothly was the Cancun honeymoon which obviously didn’t happen thanks to Hurricane Wilma. Luckily, they had a fabulous travel agent who worked it out:)

It was so good to spend time with family & friends we left back there. We got to see Bubby’s dorm room & see him in action as a real college student. We also got to spend time with Matt & Mandy, Jayna, Austin, Patrick & all of Ben’s family. All in all it was a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Pitch Your Tent Guy

If you have not seen the “Pitch Your Tent” guy you really need to click here and follow the link to download it. If you have an Apple and can’t view .wmv, you need to go to this site and download Window’s Media Player. I think you’ll enjoy it. It is a clip of a youth minister, Blake Bergstrom, who had quite the Freudian slip, but is now famous worldwide for it. If you offend really easy, then this is your warning.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Cali the Shark

Some think it is crazy to dress your dog up for St. Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween as they call it today, but we couldn’t resist. We did resist the expensive costumes and such and went to Target and purchased a $5 costume. Here is how it went down:

Ben: Here are some costumes that are only five dollars!
Monica: Oh, those are cute, I wonder if they have any big enough for Cali.

Ben: Most of them are small for ugly little dogs.
Monica: (Picks up a shark costume) This one is a large.
Ben: That should fit. . .
Monica: (Looking at Ben as if she has an idea) You're about her size, why don’t YOU try it on.
Ben: (Wrestling Monica as she tries to put the costume on him) I am not her size, crazy woman.
Monica: Yes you are, and it looks like it will fit.

Ben: I’m leaving.

So, we went home and the costume fit Cali and she loved it. smile Click here to see Cali as a man eating shark.