Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Car Repairs and Preacher Relocation Programs

Car repairs make me want to cuss.

In worse news, Curt Sparks, the preacher at Sycamore View Church of Christ (where we go) is resigning and taking a preaching job in Kansas City—that makes me want to spiritually cuss. He is an amazing preacher and we did not want to share him with anybody. Shame on him for following God’s plan for his life.

Bless our little hearts. . .

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Wife

Just a short blog to tell my wife I love her—she is incredible.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nothing and Yet Everything in Particular

In no order at all, these are things that have happened recently:

*Monica's parents came to down for a weekend visit.
*The Minors flew to Memphis just to have dinner with us.
*We are training Cali to be a dog, and not our human child.
*I changed the spark plugs in my truck (8 of them—took me 4 hours).
*We fought about money.
*Monica liked Click, I didn't, but we both liked Thank You for Smoking.
*Home group is awesome!
*I have an internship lined up for next semester.
*Both our cars passed inspection and we paid $216 to Memphis for our tags.
*I took a midterm.
*Joe's Crab Shack closed downtown.
*We watched the entire first season of the show 24 in a week.
*We made it to Bible class 1 out the last 4 Sundays, but they now know our names at Starbuck's.

WE ARE AWESOME! Life is a lot of fun and Memphis is a pretty cool town. It is impossible to keep this blog updated with all the crazy things we do. If we can ever get some time we'll be a little more detailed about our lives, but right now, this is the best we can do!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Can't Sell the Car

We can’t do it! Bonneville is too special to us and worth more to us than the offers made on it. We are now going to drive the thing until it dies a few more times, all based on the theory that it is better to drive it than to have a car payment. So, 213,000 miles and counting—how many more can we get out of it?

Thursday, October 5, 2006

2nd Most Dangerous City in US?

Okay, so I keep hearing and saying that Memphis is the 2nd most dangerous city in the US. Does anybody know where this stat is coming from? I wouldn’t say I don’t believe it, but all the past reports, like a 2005 report, say we are more like #16 or so. Either way, it is pretty bad, but #2 is pretty high for being #16 last year. I did hear a stat the other day on the news that there were 1600 home break-ins in the last 30 days! That’s probably a shocker unless you are from around here, especially since it was the same house. Okay, it wasn’t the same house. . .

Anyway, just wondered if anyone had the stat. I am now going to the inspection station on Lamar because it is in a scary place and it is the shortest wait—I wonder of there is a connection!