Thursday, July 27, 2006


Here’s my question:

What do you set your thermostats on during the day and during the night in the summer? I need to make sure I am not abusing my wife by the high temperatures I keep our place. During the day we keep our thermostat at 82 and at night 77/78. I am of the school of thought that we can get used to whatever we put the thermostat at within reason. I have also been trained to believe that giving up comfort for saving money is always a good deal.

I am guessing we are on the warmer side compared to many of our friends and blog readers, but it would be nice to know if we are crazy or normal. The hardest part of the whole thing is how we had to shed our security blanket—you know, that blanket on your bed that really serves no purposes except to give you some weird sense of security.

Please do not respond and make us feel guilty if you are in a country that does not have A/C, or at least only the rich people have it. I realize in most of the world they do not even have air conditioners. I think this is why the heat wave in France (high temperatures reaching above 86!) is so dangerous. You just have to tough it out.

I am disappointed that nobody shares my hatred of the Hicks/Ford commercial.

P.S. Monica’s birthday is tomorrow!!! YAY!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Commercial Warfare

We’re under attack!! And it is coming from an unlikely source—Ford Motor Company and Taylor Hicks. The attack is in the form of the Ford commercial where Taylor Hicks is singing a song about possibilities. The attack is coming at least 6 times a day while we watch TV and he has found a way to attack us on all three major networks. We must take a stand against this kind of unjust war. For those of you that have TiVo or something similar, you are safe because you don’t have to watch it—your TV snobbery has saved you! However, for us poor folk without that technology, we are forced to suffer. The worst part, MUTE DOESN’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER.

I am going to give Taylor Hicks some credit because he doesn’t have a choice about how Ford is using his image to attack the American people. Ford, though, has no excuse for their torture on the American people. This could be the worst attack against American TV watchers since the mangled hamster looking thing on the Quizno’s commercials—except that commercial did not come on every two commercial breaks.

You may say the solution is to quit watching TV, especially the commercials, but that’s hardly a good solution because we have to watch TV ( a result of boring lives). The solution is not to quit buying Ford cars and trucks because that’s already happened. No, the only solution is to tell everyone you know about this attack and eventually it has to get back to the Ford marketing people. It’s our only hope—we owe it to Taylor, to ourselves, and to America as a whole. It’s up to you . . . fight for your freedom.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Colorado Dreamin'

We think we’ve decided where we want to end up in a few years—Colorado. More specific, we want to be in the Colorado Springs area. I must admit we are fairly uneducated about Colorado and have only been there once as a couple, but we just like it. Yes, we know it is expensive to live there, but it might just be worth it. I am also told that Colorado is overrun with counselor-types, but I think I could manage.

Anybody else have the Colorado call? Skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Fresh air and cool summer evenings. It just seems like Colorado possesses a lot of nice qualities that we look for in a state. Don’t get us wrong—Memphis is pretty awesome, but it is just not where we see ourselves forever. Colorado might not be where we want to be forever either, but we have our sites set on it. You also have to realize that “a few years” might be a long time depending on how our lives and jobs are going here. However, in the end, Colorado sounds nice!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What is Summer Again?

Summer is pretty much worthless when you work. I just spent two and a half hours working on a chart and just when I thought I got it right, I sent it to the printer and it looks nothing like it does on my screen. So, I spent the last half hour making it look wrong on my computer screen so it would print right on the printer. So much for absolute truth!

All I've wanted to do for about 2 weeks now is go outside and play soccer, but I am stuck in my GA job for 120 hours this summer, haven't gotten a pay check for a month and a half for a lot of work at both my jobs, and to top it all off, I'm complaining about it on my blog to people that work 40+ hours and have to do worse things than I am doing (plus probably only get two weeks of vacation a year). I apologise (and in British English even) for my complaining which is not useful for building anyone up.

I just long for the summers of my childhood when I never had to wear shoes or a shirt (except at meal times) for 3 months and would play outside all day. I'm pretty sure someday I'll figure out how to get back to that, or maybe I'll just realize the immaturity of it all and accept my adult status . . . I hope not!

This is a picture we took of fireworks with our camera. Oooh aahhh . . .

Friday, July 7, 2006

Picture Pages

This was an 80’s skating party for our friend Merschon’s birthday. It was totally awesome!

Below is the plane David, our brother-in-law, flew us in to Hot Springs and back to Memphis. Thanks Dave.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

We're Back

It’s been a crazy few weeks since our last post. We went to Happy Hollow Bible Camp for a week and then to Hot Springs last weekend. I am in charge of putting up some pictures for you, so please be patient!