Thursday, July 13, 2006

What is Summer Again?

Summer is pretty much worthless when you work. I just spent two and a half hours working on a chart and just when I thought I got it right, I sent it to the printer and it looks nothing like it does on my screen. So, I spent the last half hour making it look wrong on my computer screen so it would print right on the printer. So much for absolute truth!

All I've wanted to do for about 2 weeks now is go outside and play soccer, but I am stuck in my GA job for 120 hours this summer, haven't gotten a pay check for a month and a half for a lot of work at both my jobs, and to top it all off, I'm complaining about it on my blog to people that work 40+ hours and have to do worse things than I am doing (plus probably only get two weeks of vacation a year). I apologise (and in British English even) for my complaining which is not useful for building anyone up.

I just long for the summers of my childhood when I never had to wear shoes or a shirt (except at meal times) for 3 months and would play outside all day. I'm pretty sure someday I'll figure out how to get back to that, or maybe I'll just realize the immaturity of it all and accept my adult status . . . I hope not!

This is a picture we took of fireworks with our camera. Oooh aahhh . . .

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