Monday, September 29, 2008

Wii Fit & Travel Insurance

First off, wii got a Wii Fit and wii love it. It does goes against the zero accumulation rule, but wii couldn’t resist! The hope is that wii will have some negative accumulation in other places.

Second off, we received a check for $400 from our travel insurance company because that is what we had to pay out-of-pocket to spend two "extra"? days in Jamaica during Hurricane Gustav. That's pretty good considering we only paid $100 for the insurance in the first place! Below are some pics of recent events…enjoy!

Ella Whaley - congrats Jason & Nicole!

A trip to Nashville to visit our friends Sam & Christel

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heartbreaking Loss

I am not ready to write much about the loss of Wesley Hunter, my second cousin, who passed away Thursday night. Wesley died after struggling for three years through unimaginable emotional and physical pain following a roadside bomb hitting the jeep he was in during his
Army tour in Iraq in 2005. Click here to be linked to his obituary.

Pray for his family. My heart breaks when I think about what they are dealing with right now. We’ll be attending the funeral tomorrow at 4 PM in West Texas.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oops, we did it again!

That’s right, we started a family tradition of spending our anniversary in Jamaica. Last year we just missed Hurricane Dean, but this year we weren’t so lucky and got to witness Hurricane Gustav firsthand! 70 mph winds, 14 inches of rain and 2 extra days later we made it back to Memphis safe and sound.

Jamaica was amazing - you know same ole’ crystal blue water, white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets. We spent most of our days back and forth between the ocean and reading our first novel together (The Kite Runner - thanks for the recommendation Bailey!).

One of our favorite things we did last year was the Catamaran Cruise which turned out to be a bummer this year…at the beginning of the cruise a couple of dolphins swam right beside our boat. Ben made the comment that seeing dolphins is supposed to be good luck which did not end up being the case. Once we docked at Pirates Cove we were told that we couldn’t cliff jump because the property had been sold to private owners, but we decided to make the best of it and go explore the horseshoe cave. As we returned to the boat we were both attacked by a group of jellyfish. Later on Ben said that his first thought was, “I have to get Monica out of this water no matter how many times I get stung,” and the 9+ stings on his back are proof that he let me go up the ladder first. Side note: he will be receiving “Husband of the Year” award for that heroic act!

All in all it was a wonderful, much-needed vacation and we are still very much in love after 5 years of marriage!