Friday, July 21, 2006

Colorado Dreamin'

We think we’ve decided where we want to end up in a few years—Colorado. More specific, we want to be in the Colorado Springs area. I must admit we are fairly uneducated about Colorado and have only been there once as a couple, but we just like it. Yes, we know it is expensive to live there, but it might just be worth it. I am also told that Colorado is overrun with counselor-types, but I think I could manage.

Anybody else have the Colorado call? Skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Fresh air and cool summer evenings. It just seems like Colorado possesses a lot of nice qualities that we look for in a state. Don’t get us wrong—Memphis is pretty awesome, but it is just not where we see ourselves forever. Colorado might not be where we want to be forever either, but we have our sites set on it. You also have to realize that “a few years” might be a long time depending on how our lives and jobs are going here. However, in the end, Colorado sounds nice!

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