Monday, July 24, 2006

Commercial Warfare

We’re under attack!! And it is coming from an unlikely source—Ford Motor Company and Taylor Hicks. The attack is in the form of the Ford commercial where Taylor Hicks is singing a song about possibilities. The attack is coming at least 6 times a day while we watch TV and he has found a way to attack us on all three major networks. We must take a stand against this kind of unjust war. For those of you that have TiVo or something similar, you are safe because you don’t have to watch it—your TV snobbery has saved you! However, for us poor folk without that technology, we are forced to suffer. The worst part, MUTE DOESN’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER.

I am going to give Taylor Hicks some credit because he doesn’t have a choice about how Ford is using his image to attack the American people. Ford, though, has no excuse for their torture on the American people. This could be the worst attack against American TV watchers since the mangled hamster looking thing on the Quizno’s commercials—except that commercial did not come on every two commercial breaks.

You may say the solution is to quit watching TV, especially the commercials, but that’s hardly a good solution because we have to watch TV ( a result of boring lives). The solution is not to quit buying Ford cars and trucks because that’s already happened. No, the only solution is to tell everyone you know about this attack and eventually it has to get back to the Ford marketing people. It’s our only hope—we owe it to Taylor, to ourselves, and to America as a whole. It’s up to you . . . fight for your freedom.

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