Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Austin, We Salute You

austin.jpgThis blog is written for our son, Austin Groves, of Monument, Colorado. He was Ben's roommate starting the second semester of their freshman year. We do not know of a more quality guy than Austin. His laughter is constant and infectious, and he is light-hearted and relaxed about everything. Everybody on the OC scene knew Austin when he was here, and they were all his friends. He is the co-founder of ABETA (Austin and Ben for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and he risked his life on the organization's first mission: Operation Swan Pond. Ben and Austin attempted to provoke swans by running around a pond with white sheets. The purpose of the mission was to make sure the swans had defined their territory.

Austin currently is running up the ranks at REI in Denver, Colorado. He impresses them with his permanent smile and friendly attitude. No doubt he is leaving a really good impression on everybody. We predict it won't be long before he owns and manages his own REI.
Austin's nicknames include Mulligan, Mad Season, St. Augustine, and Osterreich. We can't say enough about Austin, our beloved son. He has great integrity, strength of character, strong work ethic, and is spiritually minded.

Austin, We salute you! And remember, you're next!!

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