Monday, April 5, 2004

The Perfect Picnic

pudding.jpgLast Thursday, yes April Fools Day, was me & Ben's 1-yr. engagement anniversary. We had planned to go out to dinner to celebrate... until the wheels in Ben's head started turning @ 4 p.m. that afternoon. He picked me up from work @ 5 & took me to the garden where he had proposed to me @ 1 year before. I asked him to pop the trunk so I could put my purse in there because I thought we were just going to walk around. He gladly did so & surprise! There was a picnic basket waiting in the trunk with PB & jelly sandwiches, raspberry ginger ale & banana pudding (the exact picnic he had prepared for us when he proposed).

We walked over & sat by the pond & Ben prayed about us & our marriage. Not only was the menu the same, but Ben had hidden a plastic bubble (the kind you get out of a 25 machine) in my banana pudding with a ring & a note inside. He had gotten the ring out of my jewelry box just to be funny, but the note read, "1 year ago we both decided to get married... and we haven't agreed on a thing since! I love you, Ben". I couldn't stop laughing & we had a wonderful impromptu date!

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