Thursday, April 8, 2004

Happy Birthday Bubby!!

sissy_bubby.jpgToday is my favorite brother & only brother & only sibling for that matter's 17th birthday! I will always remember the day that I became a 'sissy' & left the years of being an only child behind me. Michael never fails to impress me; he has already done so many successful things @ such a young age.

He runs track & cross country, has taught himself how to build computers, is in the running to be the valedictorian at his school, & has followed in his sissy's footsteps in becoming a lifeguard!! He's also been to Washington, DC twice (once for band & once for a leadership conference) & wants to travel around the world. It's true that we may have argued once or twice in our childhood, but I'm so glad that he's one of my best friends now. I love you bubby, have a wonderful birthday!

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