Sunday, April 11, 2004

Puppy Sitting, Oh no!

annie_drawer.jpgWe puppy sat for Annie. Annie is the orphaned puppy found near the Lighthouse a few weeks ago. She is sooo cute and I think she only peed and pooped on our carpet 5 times. We definitely got a dose of what being real puppy parents would be like. What a responsibility!! We took her to get her worm medication and her parvo shot at the vet. She hated it all, but is such a sweetheart, and got even with us by pooping in the back floorboard.
Annie is the perfect puppy, though, and she loved sleeping with us in our bed. She likes to get as close to you as she can and she snuggles like you are the most comfortable thing on earth. Monica actually cried today when we had to take her back home to Jayna's apartment. We love Annie, but we realized what a hard job it is to have a puppy. Here are some more pics of Annie & our Easter weekend...

Annie Close-up
Lake with Ben
Lake with Monica

Ben - Easter present
Monica - Easter present

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