Sunday, March 28, 2004

A "Normal"? Weekend

wedding.jpgThis weekend was a glimpse of what normal people do on normal weekends. How do we define normal? We define normal as a weekend where Ben doesn't preach and we actually have time to hang out together. It is much harder than it seems, but we figured out a few things to do. We went to a wedding, had dinner with some Pac Rim friends, and patiently sat through a Sunday service so we could go to lunch with a clear conscience (that is a joke, we take seriously worshipping the Lord).
Oh, I almost forgot!! We watched way too much TLC and not near enough NCAA basketball. Also, as we surfed through the TV channels, we kept seeing ads for MTV's "I Want a Famous Face" where people have decided that the solution to all the insecurity problems is to look like a famous person. Two problems: first, no amount of plastic surgery can make up for insecurity problems, and two, isn't it the famous types (especially if your last name is Jackson) that have the most insecurity? Just a thought.

Hope you all had a great "normal" weekend like we did!!

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