Monday, March 22, 2004

Weekend in Springfield

Strap yourself to your chair and let us share our action packed Springfield trip with you. Yes, it was truly magical... no really. One highlight is that we saw Kirby VanBurch, Prince of Magic, in Branson. Neither of us had seen illusions this incredible live--he did some truly amazing things. We actually went free because Noel has mad connections--thanks Noel! We actually went with Janelle and Max and had a great time catching up with them.

Also, we got to have lunch with Bobbie, Dante (an incredibly cute baby), and Carol (a very proud grandma). Then we went to Gordmans with them and Monica did some shopping, while Ben found a TV with the NCAA tournament. Ahhhh... isn't shopping wonderful.

No trip would be complete without car repairs. Yes, we had to replace a motor mount on the car (only $125). We thought it would be nice to drive a car that is connected on all four corners. We also thought it would be nice to replace the right inner tie rod on the car as well and did that today (only $150). Fortunately, Monica's dad helped us bear some of burden, for which we really thank him.
Ben entered a new realm of nerd hood when he searched out a library in Springfield for some more work on his research paper. It turns out there is a Bible college on every corner in Springfield, so this wasn't a hard task--what a nerd.
So, the blog has now reached a socially unacceptable length. Here's a recap of what happened--magic show, car repairs, friends, libraries, and Steak N Shake (just added that to make you think about what real milkshakes taste like). Hope you had a good break as well. Coming soon--pictures of our apartment!!

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