Thursday, March 18, 2004

Hawaiian Dreamin'

hawaii.jpgIf any of you know Ben very well, you know that he comes up with some pretty crazy ideas. Just when you think he's 100% in the straight & narrow, some 'out of the blue' idea will shoot out of his mouth that makes you take a step back.
For example... last night while I was making a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies Ben says that he's looking up properties in Hawaii & that we should move there after he's done with school. I usually humor him & start talking about these funny ideas of his as if I'm seriously thinking about it so I said, "Sure, let's go - why not?" Ben proceeds to find our 'mansion' in Hawaii that only costs $275,000 (see picture). I definitely married a dreamer who will make me laugh & smile for the rest of my life - I love this man!

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