Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Our 1st Home

village2.jpgBen & I had a whole couple of days to go apt. hunting in the summer of '03 right before I left for Australia. We had to find a place that I could live the rest of the summer soon after I got back, so we searched high & low all over Edmond & Oklahoma City to find the perfect '1st home'.

We finally made a decision to locate @ Heather Ridge which has since turned over owners & is now called The Village @ Stratford (now we can say we live in a village rather than an apt). Our 'village' is much bigger than most of our friends apts. (744 SF) which is mostly what sold us on it. We took pictures for insurance purposes & so we thought we would put them on our blog as well so everyone can see our humble abode... enjoy!

Hand Soap Dispenser

Dining Room/Ben's Study
Living Room
Coat Rack

p.s. We've also included pics of some of our favorite simple things such as our hand soap dispenser from IKEA & our fun coat rack from Target.

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