Monday, March 8, 2004

Hmmm... What's Been Happening

directory.jpgFor all those that are dying to know what is going on in our lives... here is a quick look at what we've been up to.
Wednesday--We started the Financial Peace University class at Quail Springs Church of Christ. Yes, we are members at Memorial Road, I preach at Wellston, & we go to Quail Springs for this class on Wednesdays! Later that night we saw The Passion of The Christ movie with Christel, Lacey, & Patrick, & were blown away by it.

Thursday--Ben substituted in a high school class & that night we went to Spring Sing at OC. I mean what else can you do when Friends is a rerun?
Friday--Monica was busy with the Dell launch at OC. Ben put $45 on the pike pass that should last 3 weeks. We ate steak with Ben's parents.

Saturday--Ben worked on his sermons all afternoon. Monica went shopping with Christel & bought some new jeans (which she still hasn't taken off!). We also went on a date to Abuelo's which is my favorite restaurant which serves my all time favorite meal there, the chicken fajita chimichangas. Oh, & Monica had enchiladas & a Dr. Pepper.

Sunday--Ben pulled the triple play (Sunday morning Bible class, the morning sermon, & the evening sermon) at Wellston Church of Christ while Monica played the daring role of the preacher's wife. Actually, that means she just sat in her pew silently with perfect posture. Sunday night after church we ate at Milano's because we wanted real brick oven pizza (Little Caesar's just makes us feel cheap & it's not real pizza). We highly recommend Milano's. Then, we studied for Monica's Western Civ class for 2 hours.
Monday (or today)--We went to take Monica's final Western Civ test in Tulsa that we BOTH really studied hard for the past few days (ask Monica how we study). We try to use our ESP at the testing sight, but there are too many cement walls & it blocks our telekinesis. So, she just has to ace the test by herself!

One hour ago--Monica almost starved to death, & we barely made it to the gas station Subway in Stroud. We got the food to her just in time & the color came back into her face & limbs. Thank you Subway!

Right now--Ben is working on his research bibliography for Psalms due tomorrow (after he finishes this blog, of course), & Monica is working hard in the Marketing office.
Phew!!! Now you are all caught up on our lives. See, we do stuff even though we're married. By the way, we always have time to do things with our friends, so don't forget us!

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