Thursday, March 25, 2004

Marriage Advice from the Experts

beau.jpgheather3.JPGWednesday night Ben & I had the opportunity to go out to eat with our favorite engaged couple... my cousin Heather & her fiance Beau. They thought they were just going out with their cousin & cousin-in-law, but little did they know that they were about to get some free marital counseling. It's always fun to prepare others with all the wisdom Ben & I have obtained during the past whole 7 months. After all, we are the perfect couple since we always agree on everything & are 100% compatible in every way. Here are the top 5 words of wisdom that we felt we should bestow upon the happy couple:

5. Make sure you focus on THE WEDDING rather than your relationship.
4. Once you're married, always use affection as a bargaining chip.
3. Let your wife do the plumbing.
2. Even though you cuddled before you were married, your wife won't ever want you to cuddle with her after the vows are said.
1. Yeah go ahead, save a few bucks & stay @ your parent's house on your wedding night.

(Disclaimer: If you haven't caught on to the sarcasm yet, this is horrible advice & should not be used in any way in a marital situation.)

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