Saturday, May 1, 2004

The Best Sport EVER!!

smarty.jpgI've never even watched a horse race before today, but due to our decision to drop down to limited basic cable ($6.81/month) it seemed to be one of the most exciting things on Saturday afternoon TV. Apparently, the Kentucky Derby is quite an ordeal! The pre-show is on all day long, only leading up to the actual race which lasts approx. 2 minutes. How amazing is that - a 2 minute long sport?!
Of course I was making comments like, "Look, all the horses are the same color" & "I wonder if the horses like to race?" I also like all the cute names they give them. Ben had to explain to me that sometimes after racing horses are done with their careers they are 'put down' because they have no purpose anymore to their owners. Besides that, I think I've found my favorite sporting event - congratulations Smarty Jones! Wes, aren't you proud of me for writing about sports on our blog? Did anyone else catch the race?

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