Thursday, May 13, 2004

Apt or House?

abuelos_OG.jpgWhich one will it be? We are wrestling with this great dilemma in life. When I calculate 3 years of rent @ $655, the number $23,580 pops up on my calculator & makes me want to vomit. I would really like to have that much money going towards a house, or more realistically, to the interest on the mortgage of that house. It is really just the principle of the matter--no pun intended.
Okay, so that is probably boring, but it is the confusing part of life that needs to be on a blog. We don't want you to think we just live this fairy tale life in fairy tale Edmond & everything is perfect. We have problems just like you. We have fights over who is the better driver. We discuss important political problems, like why there isn't a reality show for picking the next President. We all know reality shows are the best way to make important life decisions. We have to make the critical life decisions like choosing between Abuelo's & Olive Garden. Life is tough, people. I'm sorry we haven't always presented the harsh reality of living as a postmodern couple in the rough 21st century.

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