Monday, May 17, 2004


gas_prices.jpgWe started a gas boycott today, or gascott, & it proved as difficult as the South Beach Diet. Yes, we're out. Instead of fighting the gas prices & starting a worldwide fiasco, we decided in order to handle the increased cost of gas, we are going to have to adjust our lives in certain ways:

1. No eating breakfast on Thursdays
2. Experience the joy of Sam's Cola
3. Keep our thermostat at a cool 90 degrees... Celsius
4. Take part time jobs as lounge singers at the fabulous Super 8

5. Take showers with our clothes on, scrub them, & hang them up to dry
Things we will never stop doing no matter how expensive gas gets:
1. Drink Oklahoma tap water
2. Give up our 6 channels of cable

3. Take Palm Tree or Coffee Table back
4. Ponder the thought of getting a little dog instead of a big dog just because it eats less
5. Take money out of our savings account that makes a whopping 1.25% interest
6. Make up ridiculous excuses (like Monica put diesel in the car again, or we have no idea why the antifreeze is filled with lime Kool-Aid) so we can drive a car from Bill's used car lot

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