Sunday, May 23, 2004

Grandparents visit

wichitafalls.jpgWe, as in Bill & Kathy, Joel & Rachel, and Monica & me, went to Wichita Falls, Texas on Saturday for a quick trip. A good time was had by all & Grandmom & Granddad were doing great. Since a lot of you don't know our grandparents, we won't go into too much detail... but they are incredible people.

So, I drove the grandparents to Piccadilly for some fine cafeteria dining. I am surprised my granddad doesn't have his own private dining room named after him. Anyway, we drove back to the house & as my grandparents were getting out of the car, I put their car & house keys in my pocket. Then, last night at our apartment, I took them out of my pocket. I stole keys from my grandparents!! Yes, shame on me. I called them & they hadn't even noticed yet, & it made me want to drive to their house & give them their keys back & eat at Luby's, but the mail will have to do.

I am going to post this before Monica sees it because it's kind of boring. The exciting part of the weekend was when we argued for 20 minutes over whether it was worse to cuss or call somebody a non-cussword name. No verdict yet, & we refuse to chicken out & say they are both equal sins.

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