Thursday, May 20, 2004

I Like the Country Better than the Plates...

our_china2.jpgA few days ago we decided that we wanted to take our China back to JCPenney because we only received 2 place settings, which doesn't help much if we have company. First, let me explain how we accidentally bought WAY too expensive China in the first place... we were encouraged to register for a set of China that we both liked before our wedding, so I finally dragged Ben into a department store to make a decision. We found a set that we both agreed on & saw that it was $100 for 5 place settings which seemed more than reasonable (those of you that know how much nice China costs @ department stores are laughing right about now). Come to find out our China was $100 for a 5-PIECE place setting, meaning a complete set of 6 would be $600 & a set of 8 would be $800 - holy cow!!

I know what you all are thinking... leave it to the newlyweds to pick out the most expensive China in the WORLD, how ditzy could we be?! The story doesn't end there though. We went to JCPenney to try to get store credit thinking that we could pick out a less expensive, less formal, more contemporary China that we wouldn't have to wait 10 yrs. to own a complete set of. Little did we know that after 6 months JCPenney deletes any record of your wedding registry out of their system & unlike Wal-Mart they won't take just anything back.

We left the store with our heads held low wondering what we were going to do. Sell it on eBay, give it to the homeless guy on the corner of Memorial & Penn? So we did what any sensible newlywed couple would do... Ben made pasta primavera last night & we ate on it! No more sitting in those boxes with all that padding & bubble wrap. I've adopted a policy about buying clothes from my best-friend Bobbie that for every dollar you spend you must wear that article of clothing that many times (an $18 shirt = 18 wears to get your money's worth). Therefore, we only have to eat on the China we now own 198 more times - we're on a mission!

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