Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Are we really Monica & Chandler?

smiles.jpgCuriously, Ben & I seem to carry a lot of the same character traits as Monica & Chandler on Friends. Not only are we both amazingly hot like TV stars, but our weird quirks seem to resemble them as well. Let me explain... The obvious ones are things like me being a neat freak, Ben not being able to show emotion or shed a tear (even if I died & left him a note from beyond the grave), me talking loudly & saying the phrase "I KNOW!!" & Ben with the comic relief & his infamous 'grandpa jokes,' as we like to call them.

But even though cleaning turns me on & Ben secretly likes to take baths & use a poof, we do have our differences (which is probably why we didn't get a $1 million/show contract from NBC). For instance, I am the farthest thing from a professional chef, & Ben does all the cooking @ our house. Also, although Ben started out as a business major, he ended up getting a Bible degree, unlike Chandler the business/advertising professional. He decided to take the intellectual road & be a preacher or a professor & write smart people books someday. I just can't see Chandler writing a book. I'm pretty sure that I'll be bringing home the bacon just like Monica for quite awhile until Ben gets that Ph.D. after his name. Even then, his Ph.D. will not be in an area that brings home much bacon.

One thing that's the same for sure is the unexpected love that we found in each other after several years & the truly fun couple that we have become!
p.s. We also have the same shower curtain as them which I discovered on Episode 502 where Chandler starts taking baths - look @ these pics of our shower curtain vs. Monica & Chandler's shower curtain.

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