Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Night of the Twisters

We went to see The Day After Tomorrow the other night, which for those of you that don't know is about global warming & another Ice Age. Throughout the movie we saw numerous natural disasters, which included lots of tornados. When we walked out of the theater there was a huge wall cloud & pre-tornado weather. We sat around all night and watched the meteorologists get all worked up over a huge tornado warning. Ben was glued to the TV switching between all the news channels. I, on the other hand, asked if we could run to the store real quick before the storm hit & after Ben shot that idea down I cleaned the bathroom & tried to keep myself occupied.

True, you probably shouldn't get in your car & drive to the store whenever the tornado sirens are on. I guess I've just gotten used to this stuff having lived in the Midwest my whole life. In the movie there were people in L.A. that were videotaping & taking pictures of the 5 tornados that were destroying the city instead of taking cover. I would most likely be one of those people that are in awe of what's happening & if you could hear what was going on in their heads it would probably be something like, "Whoa, oh man I just died!" I'll let Ben explain his point of view

Fine, I'll explain my point of view. Tornado warnings give me ulcers, and I hate trying to prepare for a Bible class and sermon while watching a massive wall cloud overhead. The meteorologists just get so excited, which gets me excited, which keeps me from focusing on anything. They scare me when they say, "A tornado could touch down anywhere at anytime." It reminds me when I used to tell Austin that at any time a tornado could just come down and suck him up. It's kind of like how they keep telling us a terrorist act is being planned somewhere and could happen at any time to anyone. Then, you go to church and they tell you Jesus could come back at anytime. We got a lot to be ready for, and it makes me want to buy some new underwear so I will always have a clean pair for any natural disaster (and yes, I realize I just let myself open for a lot of jokes). But I would never go to the store to get undies when a tornado could be waiting for me.

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