Friday, June 4, 2004

101 Things About Ben


  1. >I do my best studying & reading
    standing up.

  2. >I do not have a large vocabulary & get
    confused when people use big words.

  3. >I am the only one that really thought
    my beard looked good.

  4. >My five o'clock shadow hits at noon >.

  5. >I hate driving above the speed limit.

  6. >I have determined that class=SpellE>Atkin's is a huge conspiracy.

  7. >I am not a breakfast eater.

  8. >I cringe when I think about people
    paying for pancakes at IHOP because pancakes
    are so incredibly cheap to make.

  9. >I am the cook in my residence.

  10. >ESPN is my favorite channel, not because
    I am a sports junkie, but because it shows the best part of sports -
    the highlights.

  11. >I cheated my way through 4th grade

  12. >I enjoy biblical references in movies.

  13. >I watch The Shawshank Redemption for
    the very last scene.

  14. >I cried when I watched class=SpellE>Benji.

  15. >In kindergarten & 1st grade
    I had glasses with Smurf stickers on the side.

  16. >I have been trying to develop a photographic
    memory for 5 years now.

  17. >Castaway is one of my favorite movies
    - I like Tom Hank's beard.

  18. >I was more romantic before I got married, & I
    really want to know why it is harder to be romantic post-marriage.

  19. >I am only writing this list to make
    my wife happy.

  20. >I do not read forwards, even if I
    like you.

  21. >I got a 23 on my ACT.

  22. >I have an academic superiority complex.

  23. >Coffee gives me the shakes & interferes
    with my studies.

  24. >Reading > is like morphine in my system, it
    makes me really drowsy, so I keep reading because it feels good.

  25. >I work to get paid & don't get
    jobs because I think it will be fun.

  26. >I watch TV shows until they become
    trendy & then I quit watching them.

  27. >Popularity is a turn off for me.

  28. >I've owned 4 pairs of jeans in the
    last 6 years.

  29. >On >Pac Rim > I remember thinking I would never
    date a girl like Monica.

  30. >I eat even when I am not hungry & then
    feel sick in the morning.

  31. >I have a really hard time throwing
    old papers away.

  32. >If anyone tells me I didn't do something
    when I did, it makes me mad.

  33. >I stole a little Bible when I was
    a little boy.

  34. >I think the whole world we be 100
    times better if TV was never invented.

  35. >I do not believe in preaching a sermon
    for more than 25 minutes.

  36. >I love double cheeseburgers at McDonalds.

  37. >I lose 10-20 pounds every time I am

  38. >Luis reminds me that anything can
    be fun.

  39. >I don't usually laugh at other peoples'
    jokes because it makes me mad that I didn't think of the joke.

  40. >I feel like a failure when I make

  41. >I define myself by my academics.

  42. >I have a big ego, but try to hide

  43. >I like movies about smart gamblers.

  44. >I like big dogs & despise little

  45. >I travel more for the experience than
    for the location.

  46. >I am extremely jealous of anybody
    that has a job with the travel channel.

  47. >I sweat when I am really nervous.

  48. >I use a poof in the shower.

  49. >When I go to Major League Baseball
    games, I almost fall over when I come out of the tunnel & see the
    field - it is absolutely beautiful.

  50. >I want to mow MLB fields
    with a push mower.

  51. >I am very shy.

  52. >I don't read my Bible as much as I

  53. >I love my wife more than life itself.

  54. >I only cry at funerals.

  55. class=SpellE>Abuelo's > is my favorite restaurant.

  56. >I am an idealist.

  57. >I don't think it was God's plan for
    the whole world to be a democracy.

  58. >I procrastinate when it comes to calling

  59. >It is hard for me to watch TV without
    doing something else at the same time.

  60. >I am becoming more & more like
    my parents everyday.

  61. >I have never voted in any election.

  62. >I don't even pretend to understand
    the concept of grace.

  63. >I feel like my summers should just
    be for volunteering at camps.

  64. >I do not clean up after myself in
    the kitchen (or any other room).

  65. >I have a North Face jacket even though
    I think North Face is way too trendy.

  66. >I want to canoe down the >Mississippi River >.

  67. >I have never carried a balance on
    a credit card.

  68. >I am bad about making jokes about
    money & it makes my wife feel bad.

  69. >I am a minimalist.

  70. >I love having a lot of space in a
    room, even if it means stacking stuff that doesn't need to be stacked.

  71. >I feel overly guilty if I go to Starbucks
    or Panera & don't buy anything to eat,
    so I try not to study at those places.

  72. >I want to live in >Europe > for a few years.

  73. >I am amazed at eBay, but more amazed
    at how much junk the world has.

  74. >I can get really grumpy when I haven't
    slept much.

  75. >I can never remember whether I locked
    the apartment door or not.

  76. >I do not trust car mechanics, even
    if I know them.

  77. >I think it is a great disappointment
    that Christian education should be so expensive.

  78. >I don't understand how anybody knows
    how to program computers.

  79. >I spent $150 on a pair of sunglasses.

  80. >I am addicted to video games, but
    have no way to play them.

  81. >I have also been to >Tonga >.

  82. >I have come up as extremely introverted
    on several personality tests.

  83. >I do not like C.S.
    writings because they are too confusing & hard to read.

  84. >I always look at the pictures first
    before I start reading a magazine.

  85. >I am against big business, but go
    to Wal-Mart & have a Sam's card.

  86. >I want to work for myself someday.

  87. >I used to drink pickle juice without
    getting sick.

  88. >The warmest, kindest people I have
    ever met are Brazilians.

  89. >I used to bug my brother Mark relentlessly
    when he was on the phone with his girlfriend.

  90. >I like for the washing machine, dryer,
    or dishwasher to be on when I go to sleep - it makes me feel safe.

  91. >I never liked church camp growing
    up because it was always hook-up central.

  92. >I taught kids to juggle at >Camp > class=SpellE>Funnybone > for several years.

  93. >I never wear my gold tie when I preach
    because I think it looks too gaudy.

  94. >Half of the shirts I wear, I had in
    high school.

  95. >I am very indecisive when it comes
    to choosing what to eat because I will eat anything.

  96. >It is my life goal to teach Monica
    that the expiration date & sell by date are not
    the same thing, & you don't have to dump milk out on the sell by

  97. >My favorite movie used to be Message
    in a Bottle
    until I realized love didn't have to be tragic.

  98. >I enjoy writing research papers, but
    I enjoy complaining about writing them even more.

  99. >I will probably own a portable storage
    building behind my house one day.

  100. >I am a pessimist about most things,
    but I like to think of myself as a realist, which really means I am a

  101. >I like to do a little better than
    the one before me.

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