Tuesday, June 8, 2004

A Normal Week

wes_gar2.jpgWhat can we write about? After 201 things about ourselves, you probably know everything about us. So, I'll just tell you what we've done and what we are planning to do.
This last weekend we kicked it in Springfield, MO, and had a great time with the family. It was a nice, relaxing, and otherwise uneventful besides Monica's haircut.
Thursday, we are flying to Chicago for Sarah's (Ben's sister) graduation from her residency in the ER. She is about to be a big time doctor. We are excited to see her and David and their two boys. We realize with moving and starting a new job and a new school, our chances to see our family are going to be less and less. Maybe we are also really excited about going to H&M</a> for our bi-yearly clothes shopping trip.

Some of you might find this amazing, but I have a summer job! I am making copies full-time at a place called
ImageNet. I am a high-volume, professional copy boy. I get to work downtown 20-30 hours a week. As long as all of my earnings go into our savings account and nowhere else, we'll be in good shape. Now, if we could only figure out how to live on a budget...
Hopefully, we'll have some real excitement to write about when we come back from Chicago. A couple weeks ago our nephew Garrett said, "My favoritist uncle is Aunt Monica."

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