Wednesday, June 2, 2004

100 Things About Monica


  1. >My favorite color to wear is white.

  2. >I always wished that I was funnier & more
    quick witted.

  3. >I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside
    whenever I pick up after myself at restaurants & either throw everything
    away or stack everything in a neat pile.

  4. >I hate little toy lasers, they freak
    me out!

  5. >Toasted ravioli from a fast food restaurant
    in Springfield >, >Missouri > called Pasta Express is my all time
    favorite meal.

  6. >I was born in >Florence >, >Alabama > & had a thick southern accent
    until I was 3 & we moved to >Missouri >.

  7. >In 2nd grade I swallowed
    a watch battery & my dad took me to the chiropractor.

  8. > I am allergic to penicillin.

  9. >My biggest fear in life is needles. I've
    hyperventilated/passed out 4 times while getting shots or having my blood

  10. >I was a lifeguard for 3 yrs.

  11. >I enjoy working in retail & fixing
    all the clothes after people go through & mess them up.

  12. >My dream job would be a Professional

  13. >I'm a perfectionist if you haven't
    caught on by now.

  14. >I broke my arm in 6th grade & my
    mom told me to put some ice on it, a few hours later they finally took
    me to the emergency room.

  15. >When we first moved into the house
    my family still lives in I got to pick out which bedroom I wanted, I picked
    my room because it had peach carpet which is my Grandma Duncan's favorite

  16. >My middle name is Ann after my Grandma
    Anna Mae Freeze.

  17. >I've had 3 puppies in my life named
    Sunny, Sugar & Happy.

  18. >I'm married to Benjamin Alden Thompson.

  19. >My husband is the seriously the funniest
    person I know.

  20. >I love to travel, but I also love
    to come home.

  21. >My least favorite chore is doing the
    dishes because I had to do it all while growing up.

  22. >I like cross-stitching.

  23. >I once had a 3rd degree
    burn while in >Australia > where there is no Ozone.

  24. >I love Edward Burn's films, No
    Looking Back
    is my favorite.

  25. >I also really like movies about small
    towns & movies that are pieced together @ the end.

  26. >I've had the same best friend since
    7th grade, Bobbie Frank >.

  27. >She's the one that introduced me to
    Tom Petty who is my favorite singer!

  28. I have been to a Cake concert, a Britney Spears concert & two
    Tom Petty concerts.

  29. >My first car was handed down from
    my grandparents, was a huge boat & actually had an 8-track in it.

  30. >Ben & I like to call things by
    their proper nouns (i.e. coffee table, puppy, cell phone etc.)

  31. >When I drink a Starbucks drink or
    coffee shop drink I get a headache.

  32. >I've been to Starbucks in >China >, >Japan >, >New Zealand > & >Australia >.

  33. >I love to travel & will soon be
    a travel agent!

  34. >I define myself a lot by the relationships
    I have with people.

  35. >I once went to >Hawaii > & only stepped on the beach once
    (there was a pool on top of our hotel).

  36. >I like walking along the ocean tide,
    but like to swim in a pool.

  37. >I hate being even a little hot after
    getting out of the shower & usually crank the AC up & have fans
    blowing on me.

  38. >I have a big chicken pox scar in the
    middle of my lower back.

  39. >I always turn the cruise control off
    after I use it.

  40. >I rub my feet together right before
    I fall asleep.

  41. >I'm Amish when I watch TV, nothing
    can phase me.

  42. >I have to set my alarm for an odd,
    random number (i.e. >7:23 >, 8:01 >).

  43. >When the alarm goes off in the morning
    it MUST be turned off before beeping 2 times, this is EXTREMELY important.

  44. >When I first started shaving my legs
    I would rinse the razor after every stroke, it took me between 30-40 minutes.

  45. >I secretly shaved my legs in the bathtub
    with my best friend Telina class=SpellE>Privett in 5th grade, when my mom asked me
    about it I lied.

  46. >I don't enjoy shopping.

  47. >I usually have the same haircut & wear
    the same kind of make-up for 5 yrs. @ a time.

  48. >I hate wearing flat shoes without class=GramE>a heal.

  49. >I'm 5'4 " (according to my last physical
    my Jr. year of high school).

  50. >I'm not good @ making decisions, I
    like to give people options & for everyone else to be happy.

  51. >I hate being told what to do by anybody & get
    very defensive.

  52. >I have my pictures organized from
    elementary through college.

  53. >My favorite pop is Dr. Pepper & yes
    I say pop'.

  54. >I'm proud to be from the "Show-Me" state.

  55. >My least favorite church song is Blue
    Skies & Rainbows

  56. >I like to empty the trash, especially
    on my computer.

  57. >I like paying bills, it
    gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  58. >I'm a temperature freak which I get
    from my dad, usually the AC or heat is on full
    blast in both my home & in my car.

  59. >I hate homework & struggled through
    my Gen. Ed. classes in college.

  60. >My brother & I fought our entire
    childhood & now he's one of my best friends, I call him >Bubby >'.

  61. >I wish I had the spiritual focus all
    year round that I have @ church camp.

  62. I've always liked the fact that my eyes are blue.

  63. One time I stole a key out of a bobcat that was digging ditches
    on our street & hid it in a sowing box in my closet, as far as I know
    it's still there.

  64. In elementary school I was always at the top of the class right next to
    Jimmy Philips.

  65. Whenever I'm driving I constantly look at the tires on the cars driving
    beside me, paranoid that they will go over the lines & hit me.

  66. Whenever I was younger, beginning in elementary school, I would clean my
    room before bed & lay out my entire outfit for the next day (including shoes,
    socks & underwear).

  67. I used to sit out on our back porch when I was little & day-dream about
    all the things I would do to fix up our backyard.

  68. My favorite book to this day is The Berenstain Bears and the Messy

  69. I do enjoy reading & can't put a book down after I start it, but I'm still
    recovering from college reading.

  70. I like to take random, spontaneous road trips even though I'm a grown up.

  71. I've been to Mexico twice, once to Puerto Vallarta my Sr. year in high
    school & once to Playa del Carmen on my honeymoon - both times I've seen
    the clearest, blue water & beautiful beaches & I'm pretty sure that's what
    heaven will be like.

  72. I've been to the country of Tonga.

  73. I've snorkeled in the two largest barrier reefs in the world located in
    Cairns, Australia & Cancun, Mexico.

  74. I've kept all the letters from my childhood in two shoe boxes.

  75. I tried to go bungee jumping in New Zealand, turned white as a ghost &
    nearly hyperventilated. I couldn't get my money back, but they felt bad
    & gave me a free t-shirt that said, "I went bungee jumping in NZ."

  76. I played sick from school once because I didn't want to wear a purple cabbage
    patch doll belt & my dad came home with Castrol oil, the absolute grossest clear liquid medicine I've ever tasted.

  77. I decided one day in 1st grade that I wasn't going to go to school anymore
    - this ended with my mom dragging me into the school & leaving me kicking
    & screaming with my teacher, the principal & the school secretary holding
    me down.

  78. In high school I played the bass drum in marching band.

  79. I used to change into short shorts or roll my shorts up @ the bus stop
    in junior high because my dad decided that the camp dress code applied all
    our house.

  80. I don't like confrontation unless it's with a complete stranger ("I am
    the Press" for those of you that know).

  81. My 3 most treasured possessions are a quilt my grandmother made for me,
    my photo albums & letters/memorabilia that Ben has given me since we began

  82. When I look @ my wedding pictures I wonder why I choose to wear a tiara.

  83. The 2 most important things for me to feel in my job are that I'm accomplishing
    something & that I'm appreciated.

  84. My IM name 'girlypacgirl' was made up by my friend Trent who said that
    I was the 'girliest girl' on the Pacific Rim trip.

  85. I am addicted to watching reality TV shows.

  86. I'm the biggest bargain shopper you will ever meet.

  87. I feel guilty whenever I buy things for myself.

  88. I have a lot of respect & love for my parents for putting up with me all
    these years.

  89. I think that I'm a very good friend.

  90. People come to me a lot for advice & I enjoy giving it - my name means "advisor".

  91. I like the smell of gas & of cigarette/cigar smoke.

  92. I enjoy giving gifts to people.

  93. I've always dreamed of having a big bath tub with a fountain spout.

  94. I love eating dessert & always prefer chocolate.

  95. I have a cartilage piercing in my left ear & would never get a tattoo.

  96. Going out on dates with my husband to some of our special places is my
    favorite thing to do on the weekends.

  97. I think that I will be a great mom & I know Ben will be a great dad someday.

  98. I religiously look @ expiration dates & won't eat something even if it's on the
    day of expiration.

  99. I like to plan things a long time in advance.

  100. I have been blessed in every area of my life & owe it all to God.

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