Friday, May 7, 2004

Ben the Bum

work_vertical2.jpgSummer is supposed to be exciting & fun, but I have come to hate it. I like most of it, but I hate looking for that summer job. It's hard enough not going on a mission trip to Brazil--although I could get tickets for $950... I suppose I could take a summer class & continue to neglect time with my wife, but I still need a job.

I know what most of you are thinking. You are thinking I am such a bum & should just go out & get a job. I think you're right, but I wish you weren't. I'm not one of those that feel like I have no purpose if I don't have a job, I just have no money. Also, when you don't have a job, everybody related to you wonders what is wrong. And we don't have cable any more, so bumming around the apartment just stinks. Just so you know, I am subbing in high schools still, so rest assured, I am pulling in $50/day for teenage babysitting. Also, I am still on the preacher's circuit in Wellston.
So, wish me luck on my job hunting adventure. Barnes & Noble have received an application from me, & Lowe's & Home Depot might hear from me soon. If all else fails, I will just go outside & get really tan. This entry might seem a little pointless, & it kind of is, but it had been a while since we posted anything. For some real Ben & Monica news: I think we might still be planning on going to Memphis. Or as we say in Oklahoma, we are fixin' to get ready to plan on going to Memphis.

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