Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gnomes, Teen Spirit & Parachutes

I hope all you crazy peeps missed me last week while I was attempting to survive in 105º-110º heat index temperatures with no A/C! I must say that it is very nice coming back to a 4-day work week to help ease back into things.

Nick Lashley’s Comeback
Ben’s HS reunion was a lot of fun! When we first got there, Ben asked me if ‘cocktail attire’ meant that girls were only supposed to wear black dresses (as I was wearing a purple dress) & I explained that it didn’t & that those girls were wearing black to minimize the lbs. they’d put on since HS. Ben’s ‘Top Ten Reasons to Attend Your HS Reunion’ list was read out loud & got a lot of laughs. There was a DJ, but no one was dancing so Ben suggested to the DJ that he play a few slow, cheesy 90’s love songs. He came back to our group & said, “It’s about to get HOT in here, 98º hot that is!” We proceeded to be the only ones to get out & dance to the song he requested, but we had a lot more fun than those fuddy-duddies!

Campy Camp
There’s WAY too much that conspired last week to blog about it all, so I will attempt to summarize the highlights: Cabin Check w/ Bubby - Going Green Day was a lot of fun!, I dedicated the song “Great Balls of Fire” to Ben on 50’s Night;), I made a fabulous garden gnome out of clay at arts & crafts, Lil Whale & Lil Shark were a big hit on the giant slippy slide, singing camp songs while laying on the bball court & looking up at the stars was amazing & I’m pretty sure every person there grew a little closer to God!

Music Philosophy
About a month ago, Ben randomly changed the radio station in my car to Klove which is a Contemp Christian music station. I am a not a big fan of changing the radio station in my car, so I just left it there. I was listening to Pandora on my iPhone at work this week & opted to listen to the Contemp Christian station one morning. When I got back from lunch, I switched to my Dave Matthews Band station & the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana came on in the mix, which I love & is a staple song from my teenage yrs. I don’t know if it was singing camp songs all last week or my subconscious getting used to Klove or what, but I just couldn’t make it through the song. Ben & I have had a lot of conversations lately about how the music we listen to really can affect us (even though we have always scoffed at that notion - stupid Klove).

My Office Quote of the Week
“I ain’t never worked with a woman that didn’t have Wite-Out.”

Pillow Monster
One night this past week we made the mistake of watching some of Saving Private Ryan right before bed. Imagine waking up to your pillow being jerked out from underneath your head & then having to pry it out of the death grip from the person laying next to you. Apparently, Ben had a dream about jumping out of a plane & my pillow was his parachute. The best part, this exact scenario happened not once, but twice that night.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped about this 3-day weekend! Our Ireland team is getting together in Memphis & we couldn’t be more excited to see them! Grill lots of hamburgers, shoot off lots of fireworks & enjoy the 4th everyone!

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