Friday, June 19, 2009

Tornadoes, Hairy Spiders & an iPhone in a Pear Tree

Another week bites the dust - happy Friday peeps!

Real Men are from OK
Last weekend was pretty crazy! We came home Friday after work just in time to experience a straight-line wind storm that uprooted several big trees in our neighborhood & knocked out our electricity for about 24 hrs. We weren’t sure what to do with ourselves, so we ended up playing Scrabble by candlelight. It’s amazing how many things use electricity - I don’t know how many times I thought, “Oh, the A/C won’t work so we’ll just have to use fans.” (which ALSO use electricity). I cleaned everything out of the hallway closet when the tornado sirens were on & the sky was green as Ben mocked me (apparently OK boys aren’t allowed to take shelter from tornadoes if you’re a REAL man).

Why did God create spiders?
Fast forward to Sat morning…we’re in the car on our way home from breakfast @ Three Little Pigs. Ben is driving & sees a black, hairy spider fall from a web from the visor into his lap to which he responds, “I think there’s a spider on me. Yep, there it is on my pants.” I attempt to not pass out & start hysterically screaming, “Stop the car, stop the car!!,” as I cringe in my seat with my hand securely on the door handle about to jump out of a moving car. Once the car is stopped, instead of frantically jumping out of the car & screaming like a little girl like I was (even though the spider wasn’t even on me), Ben opts to simply open his door & brush the spider off with a napkin. The end.

“Ben The Tool Man” Thompson
After our electricity came back on, we discovered that our washer agitator (which has been on the fritz) had completely stopped agitating & I assumed that we would call a washer repairman. You know what they say about assuming…I must have forgotten that I married a Thompson. Ben researched what was wrong on the internet, ordered the part that we needed with 2-day shipping (which cost almost as much as the part itself) & wala, the washer was ready just in time to wash all of our clothes before a week of camp. I am incredibly impressed with my husband’s mad handyman skills!

A Little Bit of OK
I surprised Ben yesterday afternoon with a cinnamon crunch bagel with raspberry cream cheese (his favorite) from our BRAND NEW Panera (insert happy dance)! We have REALLY missed Panera since we moved to TN almost 5 yrs. ago.

I ♥ Plato’s Closet
We’re off to Ben’s 10 yr. HS reunion this weekend. I found a fabulous $6 dress & Ben made the comment, “I think it’s cool that I married a girl that gets excited about only spending $6 on a dress.” What can I say…I’m not like most girls. After that, we’ll be spending the next week in the great outdoors (i.e. church camp) with my family. 90ยบ temperatures, no A/C, no computers, no cell phones, no TV, campfires, games & spending time with God = good times!

Speaking of cell phones…Ben is at the AT&T store as we speak getting me a new 3G iPhone for my early birthday present - yay! Next week’s Friday post will be delayed, but tune back in for Benica’s adventures @ camp!

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