Friday, June 12, 2009

Fred Savage, Up & Chiggers

This has been a craaazy week for Benica - I think we’ve been out every single night doing something, yet somehow I managed to clean the house & do laundry (-1 load) so that I can enjoy our weekend!

Ben has had several clients recently tell him that he looks like Fred Savage. I tried finding out if they meant “young The Wonder Years” Fred Savage or “older Austin Powers” Fred Savage & he wasn’t sure. Do you see the resemblance?

Resume Builders
Things I can add to my resume from my current job: Professional Staple Removerer. At my company we are in the process of backing up all of our old files, since apparently you are required by law to keep all documentation for 30 yrs. if you manufacture a spinal implant that goes into someone’s body. In order to scan these documents, the staples must be removed - you get the picture. Side note: Ben made a comment to a friend this week that coming to lunch with me is like visiting someone in prison…it’s a VERY important thing to do.

2 Thumbs Up
This past week we forked out the dough to see the Disney-Pixar movie Up in 3D & it was well worth it! When we were buying our tickets they had all these signs posted saying that you could NOT take the 3D glasses out of the theater. Ben non-nonchalantly said to the ticket guy, “We get to keep these 3D glasses, right?,” to which he responded in an angry theater guy voice, “Only if you want to pay the $50 that they cost!” It was great.

Blog Etiquette
So here’s a question for you fellow bloggers: what is your criteria for linking blogs from your blog? I like to do what I call “blog spring cleaning” several times a year where I delete blog links IF the blogger hasn’t posted anything for awhile (6 months, a year). It’s not that I don’t like these fellow bloggers, it’s just that they don’t seem to have what it takes & the commitment level that I require in order to be linked from my blog. I think with the FB craze that blogs have really suffered, but we will keep our blog flag waving!

Today a male co-worker of mine asked me if I had any clear fingernail polish. I found this question both amusing & a little insulting that a guy would assume that girls carry around fingernail polish with them at all times. Apparently, he had some chigger bites & needed some relief. My dad prefers to use white shoe polish which not only stops the itch, but also doubles as a fashion statement.

Oh how I wish Tom Petty was going on tour again this summer OR that we had an anniversary trip to look forward to. Oh well, I’ll have to settle for our crazy life in Memphis with Elvis’ ghost & a staycation.

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