Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So What I Hear You Saying Is...

Isn’t Monica a good blogger? I think she is great at it and needs to do it more. It breaks the cycle of cynicism and ramblings from me.

So, she may not think that she has made the right thing to make me love her more, but that is wrong. I can’t tell you how amazing the things she has made lately are. She made this cinnamon chip and fruit dip concoction the other night for Life Group and it was marvelous (I say that last word in a my country club accent). It sounds vane to say this has increased the love I have for her, so vane I’ll sound. The whole making new dishes and being an awesome hostess is quite sexy, but not in a way that leads to dancing (this blog is on the OC server, you know).

I like her movie ratings as well. In an expression of true agape love, she rented and watched Bride Wars when I was out with the guys. I would give Personal Effects a B and Body of Lies a B-, even though I fell asleep during the latter. I despise The Bachelorette because I am embarrassed by the stupidity and fluffiness of those representing my gender on TV, but I am sure that contempt is in me for a reason.

Finally, the amount of sugar Monica puts in her drink is ridiculous. It’s like an entire sugar cane has to be chopped down just so her coffee does not taste like coffee. Of course, I know that for Monica to be that sweet, she has to be replenishing the sweetness often—at least, that is what a grandpa would say.

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