Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Thoughts Friday

Alright people, it’s Friday after a long 4-day work week - whew! Sometimes I don’t write blogs because I don’t feel like I have some huge introspective thought to share with the world. However, I like reading lots of small, fun thoughts on other friend’s blogs so I thought I would go for it…welcome to random thoughts Friday!

I’m no Rachel Ray
I have secretly been trying for the past several months to cook/bake/perfect something edible that makes Ben fall in love with me even more. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so we shall see. btw, I have not hit the jackpot yet.

Movie Critiques
We have been renting movies from the $1 kiosk like crazy lately since there’s no new TV on (except Jon & Kate Plus 8 & The Bachelorette). No need to fear, Big Brother starts July 9th & will consume our lives 3 nights a week (Ben hates this show & rolls his eyes like I do during football season). Here are my ‘Monica’ rankings for said movies in the theater & $1 kiosk: Angels & Demons (B+), Doubt (B), Star Trek (A+), Bride Wars (B-), Personal Effects (B-) & Body of Lies (C+).

I am convinced that children who have ADD grow up to be adults who consistently whistle.

The Thompson’s Go Green!
Almost every single time we go to the grocery store we forget our environmental friendly shopping bags that are tucked behind the seat in the car & then one of us has to run out to the car to get them while the other one is standing in line. Good exercise - yes. Incredibly annoying - definitely!

I Don’t Like it Black
Every morning at work I put a heaping spoon of creamer & 5 sugar packets in my coffee. This morning a co-worker asked me if I would like some coffee with my sugar. To my defense, I never drink the last several sips of my coffee which I’m pretty sure is pure sugar. Drinking coffee makes me feel like a cool adult like going to Home Depot or being carded for alcohol.

That’s all I’ve got - I’ll keep it short & sweet. “Lovin’ Life: 24/7” (you will score cool points w/ me if you know what movie this quote came from - no googling allowed!)

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