Friday, June 5, 2009

Back by Popular Demand...

Happy Friday everyone - congratulations on making it through a grueling 5-day work week! We are heading for the GREAT OUTDOORS this weekend on a camping trip with some friends. There will be smores, hiking & hopefully NO bug bites because we both already got eaten alive after our hot tubbing adventure the other night at the Birds! Let this week’s randomness begin…

My Grandpa
In regards to Ben’s previous post (TV Show Idea) I just want everyone to know that my husband is a comical genius! He’s always coming up with TV show/movie/book ideas & I’m pretty sure that later in life he will end up going into marketing/advertising like Chandler on Friends. With that said, sometimes he comes up with what I call “grandpa ideas” in the midst of his brainstorming. Some other “grandpa” type things that Ben does are as follows: he puts pop-up shades in the car, he changes the oil in our cars himself because he refuses to pay someone else to do it, he tells grandpa jokes & he puts ice cream back in the refrigerator instead of the freezer after dipping it (completely on accident).

So it seems like everyday when Ben asks me how my day was I reply with, “Guess who’s pregnant now?!” Also, I’m pretty sure that anybody we know that is NOT knocked up is on a tropical vacation. Enough already with the babies & vacations people! Ben says that I have baby & vacation envy & I agree, although I hear that vacations are a lot cheaper & require less life-long commitment.

Road Rage
Sometimes while I’m driving I like to have conversations with other drivers out loud to myself. This morning I overheard myself say, “So you think you’re too good to use your blinker Mr. BMW, eh?” Ben & I argue about blinker usage constantly. I think a person should use their blinker 100% of the time, regardless of whether anyone is behind you, whereas Ben is of the belief that you only have to use your blinker IF somebody is behind you & it’s ok if you forget. This should have been covered in our pre-martial counseling.

Gulp, Gulp, Gulp
We have found Cali twice this past week standing beside the bathtub in the dark waiting for one of us to turn the water on for her to drink. Both times her water dish has been bone dry & it makes us feel like horrible parents. To our defense, she has been drinking a lot more water than usual - I mean just because it’s 90ยบ+ outside & she’s wearing a fur coat is no excuse for her to drink like a fish!

Who’s it Gonna Be?
I noticed today that I have 398 friends on FB…I’d like for #400 to be someone really cool or maybe even famous. Side note: I also noticed that Ben & I have exactly 100 FB friends in common - weird!

Alright peeps - only a few more hours of work left until the weekend! btw, the "Lovin' Life: 24/7"? movie quote was from Elizabethtown which was the motto for Chuck & Cindy’s wedding (shaking my head in disappointment that nobody knew it).

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