Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trashy Wasp Beer

Welcome to MY Friday everyone. I could really get used to these 4-day work weeks! Our first mission team training begins tonight & goes through Sat, hence the early post.

Ben "Weird Al" Thompson
We're driving in the car the other day & the song "I Will Be Here" came on the radio which was a song that was sung at our wedding. I used to love this song & thought it would be perfect during the candle lighting...that is until a few days before the wedding Ben & his Best Man Austin decided to change the chorus words to "I Will Drink Beer." This beautiful song about love was completely ruined for me & it was hard not to laugh during the ceremony. Thank you husband.

Creatures of Habit
Thanks to our friends Bobbie & Michael, we have begun referring to the night before trash day as "Trash Eve," so as to remember to put out our trash & recycling. This week our trash day changed from Wed to Tues & it has completely thrown off my internal week clock & I have no idea what day it is. I was recently told that you should switch up your daily routine in order to fend off Alzheimer’s - for instance, try brushing your teeth with your left hand if you normally brush with your right.

Recently, wasps have decided to reside on our front porch & to make their nest on one of our shutters. After much nagging on my part, we made the trip to Home Depot (which Ben calls Best Buy) & purchased wasp spray. When Ben came back in from spraying them I asked, "Do you think they're mad?"? to which he replied, "Would you be mad if someone came in & killed you & your entire family?"? Well played.

That’s all of your blog entertainment for today. We’ve had company coming out of our ears, so I must get back to making lists of all the things we have to get done. Happy birth month to everyone who shares a birthday with me in July!

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