Friday, July 24, 2009

It takes backbone to lead the life you want.

Happy Fri-DAY y'all! This past week has been full of beautiful, unseasonably cool, fall-like weather days in Memphis & I can't get enough of it! Let the blogging begin...

Plato's Closet Snobs
This past week I did a clothes purge & decided to take some of my name brand stuff to Plato's Closet. Ben thought this was completely ridiculous, saying that all the clothes were too out of style. "All they can say is no" is my philosophy. Before I even made it to the counter, the guy started telling me that they do not accept anything with shoulder pads in regards to The Limited suit I was carrying & then proceeded to explain the rest of the "rules" to me with an ATTITUDE. I came back 2 1/2 hrs. later only to have the same guy tell me that they were going to have to do an "all pass" b/c they do not accept any clothes over 18 months old. Needless to say, I was a little humiliated & had to eat my own words. I will continue to shop there b/c they have some great deals, however I do not suggest trying to sell to them unless you'd like a good dose of humility.

Mr. Roach
One morning this week I walked into our guest bedroom where I get ready, only to find a ginormous roach the size of my hand (ok, maybe just my thumb) awaiting me. I proceeded to wake my sleeping husband to "rescue" me from this monstrosity to which he was NOT too happy. He proceeded to kill the roach & then got out of bed again upon my request for him to also clean up the remnants of the thing b/c a squished roach is still really gross. Throughout the years I have attempted to make deals like, "I will take out the trash for the rest of our lives if you will kill all bugs, spiders, mice without complaining," which hasn't worked. Again, something I should have noted in our wedding vows.

CS at its Finest
I was at McAlister's yesterday for FREE tea day & happened to see a lady with her 2 kids come in just for a free tea. She mentioned something to the employees behind the counter about hearing about it from a Facebook page, to which one of the twenty-something aged employees responded, "Gosh, do people not have lives?!" A small part of me wanted to yell out, "FAIL!" b/c I thought this was such a poor example of customer service since she basically called his lady (& myself who also heard about it via FB) a loser to her face.

Grocery Store Blues
Last night Ben & I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up dinner & a $1 movie. There are few things that Ben hates more than going to the grocery store to buy more than just a couple of things - 5 minutes is about his limit before he starts acting like a teething 2 yr. old (he will admit this freely). It's been a couple of months since we've had more than condiments in our fridge & I had reached my limit, so I sent Ben on a "mission" to make a salad from the salad bar as I proceeded to rent our movie & buy stuff for 4 meals all in about 5-7 minutes - whew! Basically, I tricked him by not talking about buying other groceries & I was able to accomplish this trickery with my mad shopping/power walking abilities. Why do guys hate grocery shopping so much?

I would like to end by saying that I love my hubby VERY much & am glad that we are still finding out little quirks about each other after almost 6 yrs. of marriage - my life will never be boring with him! Also, this next week we will be celebrating my bday - it's not the big one, but we're getting close.

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