Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 29th, m!

Happy Birthday, Baby! I didn’t think I could be any more excited than I was when we were watching The Bachelorette finale, but I am because it is your birthday (well, it will be in 3 hours from now). What a crazy life it has been this last year! Crazy is perfect when it is with you, and I expect nothing less than crazy for years to come. One time my grandmother dropped a pill on the floor and my granddad got on his hands and knees to find it and my grandmother said, “Where are you going?” and he said, “I’m going crazy, want to come with me?” I want us to be like that when we’re tomorrow and when we’re 50 years from now.

The 28th of July is a beautiful day every year, no matter where we are. I think it is fitting your birthday is at the end of the month so you can have a full “birthday month” and sucker me into doing everything because it is your “birthday month.” I love how important it is to you to celebrate special occasions and take joy in them. What I can give you is my love, on this, your birthday day.

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