Tuesday, March 1, 2005

And I Said "Hey, What's Goin' On?"?

What a dead blog we have had lately! We haven’t even hit you with dazzling pictures or exciting stories. I thought perhaps a quick top 10 list of what we are doing right now might make some good filler until we have time to hit you with a real story about the exciting and sometimes dangerous lives of Ben and Monica. Here’s what we have been doing lately:

10. Building great friendships while trying to keep up with our old ones
9. Chasing Cali after she takes a pair of undies captive through the house, out the doggie door, and into the yard
8. Figuring out how to live on 25% less income than expected, without eating Ramen Noodles or considering popcorn a meal
7. Applying for the best looking credit cards—The American Express Blue Card is the current leader (it’s see through!), followed by the Citibank Diamond Rewards Card (shiny and sleek)
6. Having a blast with our home group and benefiting from it immensely

5. Looking for a good excuse to why we keep missing Wednesday night Bible class
4. Finding the Wal-Mart close to us that we were warned not to go to (which we found and didn’t even attempt to go in)
3. Keeping up with our weekly TV shows, falling shamelessly for every plot twist
2. Fighting the urge to travel, which is what we believe is our calling
1. Realizing how perfect we are for each other and making the best of the incredible blessings God has given us

These are the 10 things we are doing. We are particularly fond of #1 because our marriage is a lot of fun about 96% of the time. The other 4% consists of those times when we are deciding what to eat, trying to clean together, being stubborn, and fighting with each other over the most insignificant things we can find at the moment. We even have some “fun” in those times too! The crazier all the peripheral things get, the more we need to love each other, and we are, and it is really crazy right now. If you didn’t put all that together, I am saying that we are really in love right now.

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