Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I Can't Complain Too Much

We had 50 minutes left on our cell phone for Monday through Thursday of this week. That’s manageable, right? Ten minutes or so a day if we are not near our regular phone. Monday MORNING I call Monica from a phone at school to our house phone so as not to use any cell minutes. Monica answers and says, “I just used the cell phone for 45 minutes to talk to my mom. I didn’t think I was on that long…blah blah blah.” We went from 50 minutes for 4 days to 5 minutes for 4 days. I have tried for a year now to convince Monica that it is okay to tell someone to call you back on the home phone line, especially when you are both on cell phones. This represents another difference between us, but somehow we have managed to keep our marriage intact.

Lest you think I am picking on my wife and her "problem,"? you need to click on the picture two blogs ago that shows our broken window. Yes, I definitely threw a tennis ball through our back window while trying to make a running throw from imaginary third base to imaginary first base for the final out of the Imaginary World Series my imaginary team was about to win in the backyard. Unfortunately, imaginary first base was not the window and we lost the game—but there will be a game seven as soon as I fix the window. So, Monica’s mistake at most could cost us 40 cents or so, while my mistake will cost around 20 dollars. Winning the Imaginary World Series in game seven with the same throw: Priceless.

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