Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Revenge of the Needles

After 8 days of Monica’s stomach hurting, we thought we should go to the doctor. We found a clinic that accepted our insurance and scheduled an appointment. Last night Monica ask me if they would have to do any blood work and I told her I didn’t think so—boy was I wrong! We went through the examination and Dr. Wallace said it sounded like esophogeal gastritis (or something close to that), but wanted to rule out a few other things through some blood work. The second he said blood work, Monica started to shake and was short of breath. We explained to the Doc that she needed to lie down and have me by her side when she gave a blood sample. I don’t think he understood how much of a needle phobic Monica is. As we waited for our turn in the lab waiting room, we thought about just leaving, but I made us stay.

Finally, we were called and we were taken to a room where Monica was told to sit on the table. She sits down and instantly bursts into tears. She looked at me and her eyes were bloodshot like a crack addict and she could hardly breath! The nurse wasn’t too comforting, but she let Monica have some cry time. After about 10 minutes of calming Monica down, the nurse was able to stick Monica with a little needle (the size they use on 4-year-olds). Monica said her whole body went numb and she could hardly breath. It took about 15 minutes after the needle was taken out before she felt good enough to leave. The nurse asked Monica how she was going to have a baby someday if she can’t stand any needles. The solution is simple…we are just not going to ever have kids! (Not really)

Monica is not a wimp by any means, but it amazing how much this phobia affects her physiologically! One of these days we’ll have to work on changing it because it is important for her health and life that she gets over it, but until then, needles will poke fear in Monica’s mind.

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