Friday, March 4, 2005

24 Pounds and a Thousand Dogs Later

The other day I was at the vet and a lady came over to pet Cali. She asked where I got her and I said I got her from a breeder. Not happy with my answer, the lady said, “There are 24 pounds and 1000 dogs you could…” and I interrupted and said, “Thanks, I’ve been given that guilt trip before.” What a stupid thing for me to say, even though I am not sure if she heard me or understood me. We talked a few weeks ago in our home group about working on the way to speak to others, so that our speech blesses other people. I felt pretty bad about failing that little test at the vet, but it reminded me to be more careful. Speaking of Cali, she has doubled in weight since we first got her 6 weeks ago!

Also, puppy classes start tomorrow at 9AM. The classes go for the next 8 Saturdays. I sure hope none of them pound dogs are in our class. Please know that I am joking. Cali will get to play with other dogs for the first 20 minutes, and then we will learn some obedience type things, which we (humans included) need to learn. We are excited that Cali will get to socialize with other pups, but we are not ready to let her date yet.

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