Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Me and Ben.

mouth2.jpgLast night I was informed by my husband who always tells me how PERFECT I am that I don't speak correctly. Apparently, even though I have tried to be extremely self-conscious about the 'Me and Ben vs. Ben and I' thing I still do it all the time. I wonder how many other people in this world also don't 'talk right'.
Since I have married into a well educated family I'm pretty sure that speaking incorrectly rates right up there with murder. I was born a female so I tend to give a few more details in the stories I tell & the thoughts that come out of my mouth, so maybe while trying to get everything out I may say things a little differently.

We went to a marriage seminar a few months ago & the biggest quote that they kept saying over & over was "not right, not wrong, just different" when referring to the differences in spouses. Ben would of course argue that speech isn't a 'however you feel like doing it' kind of thing since there are dictionaries & we have rules about every silly little thing so as to have a universal way of speaking. I would argue that he shouldn't be SO concerned about the words I say as he should be with what feelings & emotions I'm trying to convey. Ahhh, the wonders of marriage.

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