Monday, July 19, 2004

Lists, lists, lists...

to_do_list2.jpgSome of you probably know about a crazy little habit I have which goes along with my obsessive-compulsive tendencies... making lists. Apparently, last night I started talking in my sleep (which happens quite frequently) & said "Ben, did you remember the cups & coffee table & dishes..." Ben said that I went on & on listing out a bunch of different things & talking really fast. So besides freaking my husband out I definitely showed my true colors through my subconscious.

Ben makes lists too, only he never uses them & usually throws them away several weeks/months after the fact. When I make lists, I LOVE putting boxes by all the things I need to do & check them off as I do them (I know, I'm sick). I'm pretty sure I get this nifty little habit from my dad who sits down & plans out his daily schedule the night before. We're talking detailed schedule...
5:45 am get up & take shower

6:00 am get dressed & read Bible
6:15 am eat breakfast etc.

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