Friday, July 16, 2004

Domesticated Smomesticated

house.jpgSome might say that Ben & I are becoming the typical American family with a house, 2.5 kids, a dog & a white picket fence, but we are defying the odds! Our friend Austin would beg to differ & tell you that the next thing you know we'll be buying a mini-van. Our friend Ann would tell you that Ben should be opening that hole in the wall pizza shop on Manly Beach in Australia instead of signing mortgage papers.

We're actually pursuing our dreams even though it may appear that we're becoming, dare I say it, "domesticated". Ben truly wants to go to graduate school & to pursue either preaching or teaching or carpentry - he hasn't decided yet (whichever way he goes he'll be following in Jesus' footsteps). Yes, we could waste several thousands of dollars on rent in the next few years & not join the 'home buyers band wagon', but honestly who wants to live in the world of loud neighbors, white walls that you can't paint & no backyard?! Not us.
I have decided to accompany my husband on this journey to Memphis & pursue my dreams as well of finding out what I want to be when I grow up. I am truly excited about my new job as a travel agent & hope that I am great @ it! It works out perfectly because Ben likes to go to school & I like to work, so we make a great team.

I hope this blog entry has cleared up a few things for all of our single friends out there. We may end up doing something even crazier than you someday like move to the east coast so Ben can go to Princeton or being missionaries in Brazil. Your life is what you make of it & we intend to pursue our dreams with God's guidance & we can't go wrong.

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