Monday, July 12, 2004

House Hunting is fun.

harding.jpgOk, so maybe it's not necessarily 'fun', but it is exciting - especially when it's your first house! We made the trip to Memphis this weekend with Ben's parents to look for a house for us to live in for the next 3 years while Ben is in grad school. This picture is of Ben & his parents in front of Harding Graduate School.

A funny thing happened right when we got there... our realtor took us to the first house to look at & we absolutely fell in love with it! We almost saw no reason in even looking @ any other houses, but we went ahead & saw the other 5 houses she had planned for us to see. Of course we compared them all to the first one & went back one more time to look @ it again. It was perfect!
We went back to the realtor's office to put in a bid. Our realtor came back into the room with a pale look on her face & asked us if she was drunk because when she printed out the spec sheet it said that the house was about $16,000 more than what it was the day before!! Come to find out, she had accidentally showed us the wrong house... the house within our budget was 4 houses down from that one & didn't have a sign in the yard.

We decided to go see the house that we were originally supposed to see & ended up really liking it. It was very similar to the other one, just with less space & a few other things. Whew! It has a beautiful yard, hardwood floors, plenty of space for me, Ben & the puppy we plan to get & seems to be the perfect first house for us! The exciting news is that we did put a bid in on it & are waiting to see if the seller takes it. We were able to stay with some of our in-laws in Little Rock (thanks Scott!) & got to spend the weekend with family, which is always nice. Wish us luck on buying our first house, pics are below!

Front, Front2, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Guest Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Ben's Study, Kitchen, Back, Back2

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  1. Unexpected things do happen from time to time and a better way to treat it is, think of it as a blessing in disguise that it has a good reason why it happened. I love to see you both having that house, and what renovations do you in mind if you were able get it?

    Darius Degross