Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Universal Self-Care

The Thompsons are embarking on what we call "Universal Self-Care." We had to call a special session within ourselves and push through our resistance to make a change. We found ourselves in the critical place where we knew what we needed to do and were not doing it. Why not take an active part in our health, rather than feel crappy all the time? Monica also got tired of me complaining about feeling fatigued all the time, and I got tired of her telling me she was tired of my complaining.
So here's what we have done over the past month+:
  • Substantially reduced our sugar intake and almost eliminated high fructose corn syrup intake completely
  • Began regular chiropractic appts. and are actually sticking with the plan for adjustments
  • Participate in almost daily moderate exercise
  • Practice deep breathing, meditation, and Reiki self-treatments regularly
  • Bought a newer, firmer mattress which has greatly increased the depth of our sleep
  • Moved our bedtime to 9:30 and observe it almost every night (our bedtime was TBD every night)
  • Eat a higher percentage of organic food in our diet, esp. fruits and veggies
  • Eat more raw seeds and nuts, and switched to healthy whole grain bread
  • Decided in our minds based on solid evidence that changing our thoughts changes our biology and, as a result, have decreased the negativity and hopeless thought patterns keeping us and our energy captive
It has really been great and my energy has increased. Sometimes the sugar cravings are huge, but the craving to be healthy often overrides it. Of course, the problem with doing preventative and healthy stuff like this is that you don't really know what you are preventing, because you don't get it in the first place! However, we find this better than the current model of health in which we are the victims and taking medications or going to the doctor for whatever comes along "out of the blue" and affects us.

It is either take charge of our health and wellness or be charged by doctors and drug companies for them to take care of our health. Personally, it has been really empowering to choose better options (the other night at a get-together I had 2 cookies instead of 8) and to know I can make the difference--quite freeing!

Universal Self-Care is the change we need. When did we decide we couldn't heal ourselves? Whereas it will be great for everybody to have health coverage, it will be even greater for more people to have self-care, so the medical industry can focus on those who really need medical interventions. It is a Self-Care Revolution! Please join us! What are you actively doing to positively impact your health? We'd love your comments...


  1. Good for you guys! I'm eating 1 cadbury egg a week instead of 1 a day during this holy season. :)

  2. I'm impressed!
    I have started working out everyday and I have noticed it makes me more positive about myself which is good :)
    I am eating more Reeses eggs this month though...I kind of feel like it's OK because it has peanut butter (yeah right).

  3. That's awesome! You are right on Ben, you're pretty good about putting into writing exactly what I think about stuff. I've almost completely cut out soda from my diet...and i only say almost cause I've had 4 since October. Seriously, it's one of the best things I've ever done for my daily energy. I couldn't believe how much better I felt at work by just cutting out that afternoon Dr. Pepper. Obviously it hasn't been easy, but 100% worth it.

  4. Awesome! The four of us are on a chiropractic plan since Dec and I can tell a difference for sure. Keep us posted on your progress and lifestyle changes...its inspiring and encouraging.

  5. Of course, you know we eat little to no meat. A vegan friend talked me into giving up meat and I was so impressed by how much money we saved at the grocery store, we've kept it up for almost two years! Another benefit is that it forces you to eat more fruits and veggies.