Friday, March 5, 2010

I cooked my way through Julia Child's cookbook. And now I'm halfway through the Twilight cookbook.

Oh how time flies when you aren't blogging! As Ben said, "You really need to write one, I can't keep the blog going all by myself, lady!" I have really enjoyed Ben's less serious blog posts lately.

Taking the Leap
Some exciting news that has happened in the past few weeks is that I am in transition of going part-time at my job. They are looking for my replacement & then I will continue working part-time. I will be focusing on starting my own home staging business as well as another business venture that Ben & I will be doing together. Am I terrified? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Do I feel like this is crazy? Definitely.

I see people I know left & right moving up the corporate ladder or starting a family or moving across the country or the world. The problem is that Ben & I dream big & the even bigger problem is thinking that our dreams may actually come true, if we just try. This week we invested in a 4×6 dry erase board which we found on Craigslist & this Sat we plan on having 2 brainstorming sessions about our secret business venture which will be unveiled shortly. Watch out world - here we come!

Thank you, hubby!
I was thinking the other day about how so often I focus on things around the house that Ben DOESN'T do rather than the things he DOES do. The following is a honey-do list of things I take for granted, but am incredibly grateful that I do not have to do:
  • pick up Cali’s poop in the back yard
  • change the air filter every 3 months
  • take care of bugs, spiders & anything in our house not human or canine (a bird actually flew into our house once)
  • yard work
  • changing the oil in our cars himself (I didn't realize there was an alternative to Jiffy Lube)
  • taking down & putting up our x-mas tree from the attic
I realize this blog is short & sweet, but I leave you with a pic of Ben & the newest addition to our home, Ben the hen! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I know this sounds really cheesy, but I'm very excited that you're going after your dreams. I can't wait to hear about your secret business venture.