Friday, March 12, 2010

Maybe we're the last people on Earth. Maybe we are legend. You're Will Smith and I'm the dog!

The Best Laid Plans...
As you all know, we had planned 2 brainstorming sessions last weekend to help us focus on our secret plan to take over the world. Ben went to bed super early Fri night & then we both woke up in stinky moods on Sat. I was anxious about a baby shower I was co-hosting on Sun & Ben was just pouty & miserable. Regardless, we were able to fill up both sides of our dry erase board with lots of great ideas!

Dogs are Weird
A few nights ago, Cali woke me up moaning at the end of our bed. My mommy instincts kicked in & I jumped out of bed assuming she needed to go potty. When I opened the back door she looked at me like I was crazy, & then proceeded to drink all of the water in her doggy dish. I assumed she was just really thirsty & we went back to bed.

The next night, same thing. Ben got up & realized that the problem was that she had gotten “stuck” in all the shoes & clothes that we had let pile up. Keep in mind that Cali is extremely sensitive when it comes to “obstacles” in her way, so when she had tried to come over to Ben’s side of the bed in the dark she felt trapped – hence the moaning. I had no idea we had raised a princess.

Which brings us to our segment, called "Really!?! with Ben and Monica."
Monica: Really, US gov’t? You are going to mail a letter to 120 million households at a cost of $85 million just to tell us that in about a week we will be receiving our US Census form? Because you really should be wasting US dollars right about now. Ever hear of the economy tanking or the federal deficit standing at $1.9 trillion? Really.

Ben: Really? What's next? A mass mail out of packets to tell us we're going green? Al Gore, if he wasn't too busy driving around in a motorcade of SUVs, would not approve of this. Really.

Monica: And, really, US Census Bureau. Even the US Postal Service is barely bobbing their heads above water. There is talk about nixing Saturday mail AND no more money in the budget for those ridiculous hats or knee high socks. Really.

Ben: Yeah. Really.
Monica: Really!
Ben: Really!
Monica: Huh!
Ben: Huh!
Monica: Wow!
Announcer: This has been "Really!?! with Ben and Monica."

Well, we're off to the Show-Me State this weekend to spend time with my fam & to celebrate my grandma's bday. Don't forget about the time change & 1 less hour of sleep on Sat night! Y'all have a great weekend now, ya hear?